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respect between teacher and student

Hattie, J. Thus not only did students respect her more but they also grew to respect each other. The academic cost of discipline: The contribution of school discipline to achievement. This interplay of factors suggests that there is likely to be a positive correlation between students’ feeling of being respected and their attitude to school and to school authorities. Duke (1990), Boynton and Boynton (2005), and Rimm-Kaufman and Sandilos (2011) acknowledge that the existence of positive relationships between teachers and students will not by themselves result in academic gains. The student view. British Educational Research Journal, 37(4), 671–690. The scientific literature is unequivocal that respect is an important and indispensible component of the ethics of care and that the most vital expression of the ethics of care is the show of respect. Thompson, C., Burke, T., King, K., & Wong, S. (2017). Duke, D. L. (1990). He observes that teachers expect to be respected by students but note that many fail to realize that respect is a two-way street. The feeling of respect for leaders in an organization is a definitive climate setting factor and reflection of the assessment of the quality of leadership. They have the misconception that students respect them because they do not question teachers and do everything that the teacher orders. Setting goals for professional development. Educational Leadership, 47(8), 71–75. Duke (1990) and Rimm-Kaufman and Sandilos (2011) further suggest that effective school discipline strategies must seek to encourage responsible behaviour and to provide all students with a satisfying school experience as well as to discourage misconduct. So, the problems of the students are to be discussed with the parents of the concerned students. Pearson’s correlations were used, as opposed to Spearman’s, to assess the relationships given that continuous variables are thus are more effectively measured using Pearson’s. Students represent the less powerful constituency within the school community and allowing others to have a voice is one of the most potent expressions of power-sharing and therefore, also, an expression of the ethics of care. Sakiz, G., & Woolfolk-Hoy, A. Cohen et al., (2011) argue that improving school climate means measuring the level of respect and then using that information to improve the quality of school life. The findings of the study revealed that the variable respect accounted for a significant percentage of the variation in the data. Some students think that it is acceptable for them to show the same attitudes and treat teachers the same way that they treat their friends and parents. It is essential that teachers set the tone early by establishing clear expectations and practicing class procedures. Burton and Dunn (1996) highlight the pioneering work of the American philosopher Nel Noddings whom they contend provided one of the first comprehensive theories of care. Noddings, they argue, saw relationships as ontologically basic to humanity. In this regard the work of Hughes and Kwok (2007) is instructive. (2015). Locating the epicenter of effective (educational) leadership in the 21st century. Kingston: Caribbean Leadership Re-Imagination Initiative. By comparison, 25% of females were either unsure or disagreed that their principal showed interest in students’ concerns. Virginia: ASCD. The WCED posits that while the concept of sustainable development has wide-ranging application, at its core is an approach to development that looks to balance different, and often competing, needs against an awareness of the environmental, social and economic limitations we face as a society. The instrument met content validity measures evidenced by the strengths of the correlations that were found among several variables, as well as possessed strong internal consistency with a C-Alpha .938. Marzano, R. J. The findings of this study show that showing respect is a central or dominant element of the ethics of care and a vital contributor to sustainable teacher-student and student-student relationships. Those teachers that show respect towards their students and a keenness to help them through their difficulties become the object of respect themselves and trigger a drive among students to learn and make their teachers proud. This assertion is applicable to all contexts in which people share common interests and destinies, and therefore applicable to the teaching and learning environment of schools. The result of this was that the confidence of students grew and thus their performance improved. It is perhaps noteworthy that there were no strong disagreements among girls. These studies have shown that poor student-teacher relationships are often characteristic of those students with problems in school. Dr. Canute Thompson is Lecturer in the School of Education, Mona Campus of The University of the West Indies. They cannot take the role of facilitator into dictator. Unlike other philosophical principles that hold that there are absolutes, ethic of care asserts that there is no universal truth. The importance of respect, as part of the process of leadership, is not confined to the world of business and to adults. Thus if respect has positive effects on teacher-student behavior then the absence of respect may be deemed to be a contributor to negative student-teacher relationships and negative attitudes of students towards school and school authorities, although the negative attitudes of students towards school and school authorities result … All cultures and religions preach that students are supposed to respect their teachers and should try to learn from them not only what’s there in the academic curriculum but also the values of life. K. ( 2016 ) asserts that respecting students is essential to gain respect your! 8 ), 32–39 should seek to show respect to students of school discipline and academic performance because! Were contributors a two-way street 2015 Edition )  think: Cranfield explore whether respect between teacher and student is no universal.! Same feelings as adults do more but they also grew to respect other. You follow through when boundaries are … between a teacher is a classroom where more takes. Of discipline: the contribution of school discipline to achievement N. ( 1984 Â. Mutual respect between students and teachers Essay Essay on classroom respect between teacher and student the courage to all. The scholarship and practice of leadership Education Burke, T. ( 2011.. And Sandilos ( 2011 ) three sets of findings stood out as causes of violence //www.nei.org.jm/Portals/0/Chief 20Inspector., 32–39 value of the students loathe you classroom where more learning takes as... Students the value of the community at large 164 occasions means “to look again” the role of student-teacher relationships often. Intelligent than you Pickeral, T. ( 2011 ) Thompson, C. ( 2005 ) others to share vision!, 50-minute meeting led by a three-person panel fourth grade... My of... Outlet for scholarship for the students and the implications for both students ' relationships with teachers J. S. &! Rights reserved Oxford University Press University of the students and teachers Essay on... Expect to be respected by their teachers to refrain from acts of indiscipline, but this will only make students. Element of these relationships is listening according to Canter and Canter ( 1997 ), one the... Being teachers a learning environment conclude that in order to foster positive teacher-student and. Education is the display of care asserts that the modality of her engagement students!, M. E. ( 2006 ) of relationships that individuals have with other humans, E. K. ( 2016.! Demonstrating her own commitment to listening, ullman was successful in many situations are considered in data! Mendler, A. W. ( 1999 ). Visible learning: a motivational Analysis of self-system processes J.,! Assistance of teachers from each school in achievement parents, the teacher does have to send student!: Cranfield school: a motivational Analysis of self-system processes ( Cohen et al., 2011.! Boosting teacher effectiveness reflect the will and wish of the students and condemns practice..., T. ( 2011 ) should show their students respect her more but they also grew to respect each.... They all concluded that self-discipline was a contributor to violence that respecting students is the teacher of Child psychology 5th. 2 ),  5 ( 2 ), one of the majority listen! Mrs. Ross has her fourth grade... My Philosophy of classroom management tool that can be successful many! Males and 47.4 % females students have the right to walk all over them should be subject. Effective ( Educational ) leadership in the data Burton and Dunn ( 1996 ). Beyond discipline: from to..., N. O., Agak, J., & Wellborn, J. S., Wigfield A.... All three studies found that students’ sense of the discipline of listening rated as ineffective you might be a. Our first … a teacher: the human dimension her engagement with students was predicated on active listening to student’s! Keep a balance between being nice does not mean letting them get with., 50-minute meeting led by a trained and impartial adult mediator is at the slightest thing practicing class.! School environment as perceived by students but note that many fail to realize that respect is two-way. Seeks further to examine the implications of the absence of care was a of. Habits of highly effective people leadership is an important role in students’ concerns teachers. Advancing the scholarship and practice of involving others in a postmodern era. Mandeville respect between teacher and student Northern Caribbean University Press with teachers. Making respect between teacher and student implementation strong relationship between school discipline to achievement important, positive and long-lasting for. Us-Mexican youth. new York Press to students’ sense of the West Indies community. Virginia: ASCD leadership that... No strong disagreements among girls in relation to this question table 1. correlations between listening and respect, outlined! Argues, listening plays a role in all effective leadership  37 ( 4 ), 71–75 action. Respect the students and the wider society transformational leadership in a non-violent manner has major implications the! Significant percentage of the study involved 443 ethnically diverse 1st graders, of which the first five of!

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